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We are Wedding Photography And Videography Artists
Based out of Orlando Florida


What's the difference between one photographer and another?

When looking for photographers you will find two different business models.

The first is a company that contracts hundreds or even thousands of weddings for a relatively low price then sends out emails to hundreds of photographers, looking for one to do the job. This is where most new photographers get their start and build experience before starting their own business(I speak from experience).  With this type of business there is little to no choice as to who your photographer will just shows up. You might have a brand new photographer with no experience in posing, lighting or the flow of a how a Wedding should run. It's a risk you take.

The second is the skilled artist or craftsman that has abundant experience and takes great pride in their work.  They only accept a few weddings per month and oversee every part of the process. That process includes consultations, building timelines, emails between your planner, editing, and more. When you hire an artist you get the artist.  You are hiring them for their style, personality and expertise.  They will know all the tricks of the trade and how to pose you and light you to make you look your best.  But most importantly,  you get the comfort in knowing that the person that you have worked with from the beginning will be there on your wedding day. 

Over twelve years I have photographed more than 2000 Disney weddings while working with Disney Fine Art Photography. Now, as an independent photographer, I take great pride in my work and enjoy helping each one of my Brides with their Wedding plans. My experience at Disney has given me exclusive knowledge of the backstage workings that are helpful in planning your special day.  All weddings are photographed by Brittany and a second photographer/assistant. Collections start from $2400 and are subject to availability. 

Please contact me for details.

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Wedding Photography Collections // starting at $4900
Wedding Videography Collections // starting at $2495
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