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Sara's Story

Sara Parkinson is a native of Orlando Florida, her childhood was filled with magic and wonder as she spent a great deal of time enjoying living in such close proximity to The Walt Disney World Resort and its wonderful attractions. 


As Sara grew into her own she pursued a career in dance performance and television productions. She enjoyed bringing joy to others through performance as she was showcased on luxury cruise lines, and in major theme parks throughout the greater Orlando area. She discovered her passion for Wedding Planning and Event Design as she planned her own Fairytale Wedding. 


Since discovering her passion she has enjoyed a successful career of over thirteen years planning hundreds of weddings at some of the most exclusive and beautiful wedding venues in the Orlando Area. Through her exemplary work she has cultivated relationships with premier wedding venues, vendors and wedding professionals. She has worked with exclusive companies including the Ritz-Carlton Group, The Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando, Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings and other highly regarded companies through her connections at Michele Butler Events. 


Sara’s experience with Disney Fairy Tale Weddings is unmatched as she served as a planner with Disney for over seven years, during which she developed an amazing talent for helping couples tell their story in new and innovative ways by helping them create incredible events to celebrate the first chapter of their Happily Ever After. Her work was so exemplary that it was featured on the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings television program, available on Disney+ and Freeform. 


Through her experience Sara has cultivated a unique set of skills that make her an extremely valuable and highly sought after wedding consultant. Sara is an expert at connecting couples with the best and most exclusive wedding vendors, through her vast knowledge and exclusive connections. She is also very thorough, organized, and has a great talent for ensuring that every detail of the event is executed flawlessly.  Sara will be able to assist couples in understanding, drafting, editing, finalizing, and executing their Banquet Event Order (BEO) making sure that couples will have the wedding of their dreams without the stress and with a knowledgeable advocate on their team. 


Sara’s passion for weddings, her years of experience, her refined eye for detail, her deep connections with industry professionals and kind and caring nature make her the perfect wedding planner and bridal liaison. She is a vital asset and will make all of your wedding dreams come true. Think of her as your very own Fairy Godmother guiding you through your wedding planning journey with expertise, friendliness and just a little bit of magic. 


Sara offers an array of services ranging  from full event planning and design to day of coordination, in an effort to ensure that she can tailor her services to fit the needs of each couple individually, ensuring that couples are able to enjoy every moment of their wedding day knowing that Sara is working her magic and bridging their vision to life flawlessly.

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