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What to Wear Guide

A Dress Code For Timeless Portraits

Why do we have a dress code? Our approach to portraits is to help you create an heirloom that will stand the test of time. Styles come and go. This will be the most elegant portrait that will become a legacy from generation to generation.  Your style should be classical and timeless. A look that will never go out of style. 


We ask that you put some thought into your portrait so when we meet you and we capture your beautiful family, it exceeds your expectations. Our portraits render as paintings and our Artistry Finish is in fact, painted, so we are continuing the tradition of portrait artists for the last few hundred years in how we compose and produce your own portrait. 

With this in mind, look at some tips below and please contact us with any questions as we are here to help you!




Tuxedo, suit or dark jacket, dress shirt, tie and trousers. If you have gained or lost weight, consider getting the jacket altered so it fits well. Tight fitting clothing is a guaranteed way to look uncomfortable. Think Sunday Easter or Formal Wedding attire. A one-week-old haircut is perfect. Think timeless a white or blue shirt and your best tie rounds things out nicely. Everything should be steamed/ironed before arrival. Never wear white socks, dress socks are required.



Dark or jewel tones (black, navy, burgundy, dark green, gold) dress or gown with sleeves (short or long sleeves). Avoid Strapless or Spaghetti strap dresses. They tend to make your shoulders look wide in photos. Little or no pattern is preferred.  Classic Jewelry such as diamonds, pearls, etc. are encouraged. Nylons/pantyhose are a great additional for ladies if they are wearing dresses above the ankle and will help minimize uneven skintones. Nails should be done in a french manicure or in natural colors. Hair and Makeup should be professionally achieved. 

That said, a red carpet look is very popular so think timeless and elegant and we can handle the rest. This is where you have control over how you will be remembered in 20, 40, or 100 years.  I also suggest a company called Rent the Runway  They have amazing dresses perfect for photoshoots.     Contact us with questions!



Dark or jewel toned solid dresses are preferred, but ivory or off white are also acceptable if they are 5 or under. Girls are usually preferred to have short or no sleeves. Think flowergirl dresses for ladies under 12 and Prom dresses for those in their teens. Nails should be done in a french manicure or in natural colors. Less is more regarding jewelry. Hair should be professionally done if over the age of 6 if needed. A soft lipgloss and soft pink blush on cheeks to bring color to the skin makes a huge difference as well. Nylons/pantyhose are a great additional for ladies if they are wearing dresses above the ankle.



Young men can dress the same as men, or a solid dark sweater. If under 5, a white shirt with bow tie is fine. Everything should be steamed/ironed before arrival

Stay away from busy patterns and logos. Choose colors that will compliment your home. If there is a particular patterned outfit that you desire to wear, everyone else should stick to solid colors. Matching colors are not needed as well. Not everyone has to wear all white or all black. Opt for a complimentary color scheme instead. Do not arrive completely dressed if your clothing tends to wrinkle. 

*You will receive a clothing consultation  during your booking and we will send you our Guide with examples of how to dress for your session.

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